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The Jitterbugdrillers website is designed to display the collections of two Arbogast collectors from Northeast Pennsylvania, answer potential questions from collectors, and bring some fun to collecting the world-famous Jitterbug. Due to an overall lack of websites and information devoted to the Jitterbug we decided to publish some photos and information. These baits have been assembled over the past 10 years and resemble a quality snapshot into the world of Jitterbugs. Photos range from the beginning of the bugs in the late 1930's to the end of the original company in the late 1990's. Although a primary focus on the casting 5/8oz bug, the photos cover many of the Jitterbug sizes that were manufacured and offer a glimpse of some of the more than 200 color patterns sold. We hope all enjoy and understand this site is a hobby for fun. And yes, one of the collectors drilled holes in his early collection to insert rattles and (supposedly) make the baits more effective for catching bass.


First style box and hangers displayed below along with First generation Jitterbugs on right

Second style box and hardware shown above            Second generation wood bugs above and below 

Smallest size wood bug with single hook                 Tough 1st generation pearl and nice 2nd style r/h

Full size plastic lip wood Jitterbugs from the early 1940's. Note the appearance of stenciling which is displayed here in one of its earliest forms and became common throughout the baits history.

A few examples of the smaller 3/8oz peanut bugs. Plastic lip versions are displayed on the left and the earlier version with standard lips on right.

The earliest Jitterbugs were made from wood and sold during the late 30's and early 40's. The variety of color patterns was limited during this period with bugs commonly painted in patterns such as red head, black, yellow shore, frog, black scale, white scale, pearl, and pearl with herringbones. Some seldom found colors include black with white head, blue head, and black cream belly herringbone. The first generation wood bugs were characterized by a larger rounded body with the "toilet bowl" hook hangers and the second generation wood bugs displayed slightly streamlined body with a new design for the second style hangers. Wood Jitterbugs can be found in at least 3 sizes to include the full size 5/8 oz, a 3/8oz (or peanut), and a small single-hook version. The smaller bugs are commonly found with the second style hangers. In addition, some plastic lip version wood bugs exist in 2 sizes and are usually rigged with wire hangers.

Very early Arbogast catalog displaying 8 colors available in the wood Jitterbug. The Yellow and Pearl wood bugs are tough to find and very desireable. An excellent condition first generation Pearl bug as displayed above recently sold in the 400 dollar range at auction.
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